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  Channel Nuts & Hardware
Channel Nuts with Spring
Pages 81 - 82
Channel Nuts without Spring
Pages 81 - 82
Stud Channel Nuts
Page 82
Channel Nut
with Top-Lock Spring
Page 82
Rapid Strut Slide Nut
Page 83
Page 83
Page 83
Threaded Rod & Coupler
Page 84
Seismic Rod Stiffener
                    Page 82
Bar Stock: Channel Nuts
Bar Stock
Channel Nuts Stainless Steel
Aluminum Nuts
A 36 A 29-03
A 569
A 563 A 307
Merchant quality hot rolled carbon steel bars. Steel bars, carbon, hot rolled special quality.
Merchant quality hot rolled carbon steel bars.
Carbon and alloy steel nuts. Carbon steel externally threaded standard fasteners.
Sintered 316 - “Domestic Nut”
Bar Stock 316 - “Import Nut”
Channel Nuts
Page 84
Electroplated EG
Fittings and hardware supplied as "Electro-Galvanized" in accordance with ASTM B 633.
Other commercially available finishes can be
supplied per specification when required to protect
  Hardware Material Specifications
  ASTM Designation
 ASTM Description
  Hardware Finish Specifications
  Finish Code
       Mill-Galvanized (Pre-Galvanized)
   Galvanized steel used in the manufacture of channel sections conforms to ASTM A 653 GR33 G90. Uncoated edges resulted from slitting, punching and channel cut off are present.
  Hot Dip Galvanized After Fabrication (HDGAF)
  Channel and fittings which are hot dip galvanized after fabrication conform to one of the following specifications: ASTM A 123, ASTM A153,
or ASTM A386.
       Special Coatings PL,
GOLD applications.
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