Page 78 - ZSi-Foster Engineering Catalog - Electronic Version 2
P. 78

Channel Nut Without Spring Installation
   One at a time, bolts are inserted through the fitting’s holes, held in place with a finger while an appropriate Channel Nut without spring is engaged to each bolt with one-and-a half turns, (just enough to keep them attached).
Use caution to select bolt lengths that will not bottom out in channel when fully tightened.
3 All Channel Nut/bolts are finger tightened by pressing down on bolt head, and turning clock-wise. Inserting fingers into channel to align is not required.
 When the entire fitting (in at least one plane) is fitted with Channel Nuts and bolts, align Channel Nut direction (s) to correspond with channel arrangement; place fitting
into position.
Channel Nuts without springs should hang below, clear of channel's in-turned edges prior to tightening the bolts.
 Adjust fitting to final position; check to make sure Channel Nuts are still installed correctly with pyramid enhanced grooves engaging the channel's in-turned edges. Finally, fasteners are wrench tightened.
– 78 –
Do not tighten by grasping bolt with fingers under the head.
If the bolt is grasped in this fashion, this will lift Channel Nut, allowing it to turn and “look” falsely into place between channel's in-turned lips.

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