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The Metal Framing System
Fitting, bracket, or accessory, is located on the channel face over the Channel Nut with spring.
An appropriate diameter and length of bolt is inserted, and the fitting is adjusted for location at this time.
ZSi-Foster Engineering Catalog
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Insert the appropriate Wesanco® Channel Nut with spring, parallel to the slot edges, anywhere along the continuous open slot of the channel.
 Depress the Channel Nut with spring below the in-turned channel edges. Rotate one quarter turn clock-wise, perpendicular, and release pressure on the nut.
The Nut will lock in-place, its pyramid grip enhanced grooves aligning with the underside of the channel's in-turned edges; the spring being designed to hold the nut in place during assembly.
4 Properly torquing the bolt draws the Channel Nut with spring up against the in-turned channel lips, forming a strong, secure clamping connection.
Use caution not to bottom the bolt (select one of sufficient length, but not so long as to contact the inside back). Do not over torque the bolt.
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