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 Beta Clamp Installation
ZSi-Foster multi-level pipe clamps permit easy stacking of several tubes or pipes of the same group. The clamps are connected by stacking bolts.
Safety plates are inserted between the clamps to prevent the stacking bolts from turning.
The example below shows a stacking clamp added to a welded clamp, however, ZSi-Foster stacking assemblies can be fitted to weld plates, rails, or strut in the same manner.
(1) After the Top Cushion is Added, Secure it with the Stack Bolts
(2) Add Safety Plate to Prevent Stacking Bolts from Turning
Beta Adapters are installed in much the same manner as Beta Clamps. The weld plate is welded onto exiting structure and the Beta cushion and adapter is assembled onto it.
 (1) Weld Plate to Supporting Steel
      (2) Push Bottom Half of Clamp Onto Plate
  (3) Insert the Desired Adapter
  (3) Assemble Another Clamp Onto the Stacking Bolt in
Same Manner as Single Clamps are Installed
(4) Add Top Cushion
     Stacking Assembly
• Weld on welding plate with a fixing bracket.
• Wedge on lower clamp-half, insert tube, add upper clamp-half and
tighten with fixing screws.
• Apply a locking plate to upper half of the clamp to prevent fixing screw
from twisting.
• Mount the second tube clamp in exactly the same way.
ZSi-Foster Engineering Catalog
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(5) Add Top Plate and Bolt into Position

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