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 Foster Flat Face (FF) ISO 16028 Standard Frequently Asked Questions
1. When did Foster first offer FF product?
• Foster designed and launched this product type in 1999. It was a limited offering. • The current offering was kicked-off in November 2016 and released in 1Q 2018.
• It maintains the same part numbers as those created in 1999.
2. What are the advantages of zinc nickel plated steel over trivalent chrome plated steel?
• Trivalent chrome, still available from our Breco line, offers approximately 96 hours of protection against rust.
• The carbon steel QC is zinc nickel plated and offers protection of at least 1,200 hours against white and red rust.
3. Where is the product stocked?
• In our plant located in Springfield, MO.
• Please contact your Regional Manager for questions about other stocking locations.
4. Does the ZSi-Foster product interchange with competitors' offerings?
• Yes, as long as the competitor’s product is manufactured to the ISO 16028 interchange standard.
5. What is the breadth of ZSi-Foster's flat-face offering?
• The product is available in carbon steel, 316SS, and accessories.
• Connect-under-pressure (CUP) plugs are available in three different body sizes. (ISO 10, 12, 19) • Many thread jump sizes are available within each body size.
6. Can custom product be developed?
• Yes – please contact your Regional Sales Manager.
7. Are additional body sizes / jump sizes available?
• Yes – please contact your Regional Sales Manager.
8. Are other seals available?
• Yes – for Viton add the suffix -V to the item number.
• For other seal options please contact your Regional Sales Manager.
1,200 Hour Salt Spray Test Results
   Original Parts - 000
   24 Hours
   96 Hours
   288 Hours
   480 Hours
   957 Hours
  1,200 Hours
   Zinc Nickel Plating
               Trivalent Chrome
                              – 6 –

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