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Quick Coupling Installation
  Be Safe When Installing Quick Couplings Inspection and Maintenance
• Inspect for cracks, chips, dings or other damage.
• Clean as necessary using water and a mild detergent. External buildup may be removed using a wire brush, taking care not to mar the surface of the plug.
• Replace any damaged plug.
• Install the plug into the socket, making sure the parts connect easily and hold firmly.
• Disconnect coupler, check that the plug and socket release easily and smoothly, with no scraping or binding.
• On BL (ball lock) and SL Series (with locking sleeve),
rotate sleeve to the locked position and attempt to disconnect, pulling firmly to ensure the coupler stays connected.
• Rotate sleeve to the unlocked position, and ensure the coupler disconnects easily.
• If any damage, binding or unintended disconnecting is found, both the coupler and plug should be replaced.
• Inspect overall for cracks, dents or other damage.
• Inspect inside socket for damage or debris.
• Actuate all moving parts to ensure they operate freely with no scraping or binding.
• Clean as necessary using water and a mild detergent. • Replace any damaged socket.
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