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 40 30
Test Fluid: Oil-200 SUS
40 30
1/8" to 1" - FHK & DS Series (Compatible with ISO 7241-1, Series B)
 Applications: FHK Series sockets incorporate valves in both socket and plug halves to prevent fluid loss when the socket is disconnected. These sockets are normally referred to as “hydraulic couplings”, but they are used extensively with other media where objectionable.
Vacuum Service: 27" Hg. maximum Rated pressures as defined by ANSI/B93.2-1986 based on 4:1 Safety Factor and non-shock service.
Type: FHK, Two-Way Shutoff , Both socket and plug are sealed at disconnect.
Interchangeability: Standard, most widely used, industrial interchange design. Within each series, only sockets and plugs of the same size will couple together. Compatible with ISO 7241-1, Series B.
Operation: Manual - Socket sleeve must be manually retracted to connect and disconnect.
Connect and disconnect at zero pressure for personal safety and maximum product life.
Seal Compound: Standard seals are Buna-N.
• One Way Shut-Off: Add suffix VA to either socket or plug
catalog number for valve actuator.
• Straight-Thru: Add suffix LV to both socket and plug catalog number for less valve.
• Ball Lock (BL): Locks against accidental disconnect. To connect, align ball with slot. After connection, rotate sleeve to lock. To disconnect, realign ball with slot and retract sleeve.
Ordering information:
FHK Series couplings are available in RoHS compliant plated steel, brass, and 303/316 Stainless as standard. Brass couplings have double O-Ring seals (excluding 1⁄8") and stainless locking balls. Standard seals are Buna-N (Nitrile). Consult factory for optional seals.
All sizes can be furnished with locking sleeves designated by “BL” (Ball Lock) prefix after regular catalog numbers.
50 30
FHK Series 3⁄8" to 1"
10 88
44 33
10 9 7
54 3 2
0.50.71 235710 2030406080
Flow Rate, gpm (Hydraulic Oil at 100°F)
22 11
1 2 34567810 20 406080
Flow in USGPM
Brand - Designates =Foster or =Breco Part
ZSi-Foster Engineering Catalog
WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and which is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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20 20
3 /8"
1 /2"
3 /4"
Pressure Drop in PDI
Pressure Drop, Psig
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