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Safety Vent Series
Zero Pressure Connect and Disconnect Design
   Remove Plug – Output Pressure is Automatically Zero
   Output Input
When Output=0 pressure turn slightly down & forward to allow release. Coupler automatically prevents this action if pressure not yet released
Output Input
Since output pressure is zero, and coupler is in release position, Plug can be removed
  Insert Plug – Output is Zero Pressure
Make sure sleeve is fully retracted to allow insertion of the plug. Output pressure is zero at this point.
  Plug is Locked in Place, Now Restore Output Pressure
Output Input
Make sure sleeve is fully extended to allow pressure on the output plug
Operation: SV and SVPC Series Safety Vent couplers are nearly effortless to connect and great for hose use. They are also especially useful for single-hand operation when they are mounted to hard lines such as an overhead air drop.
Once inserted into the SV or SVPC socket, the plug is lightly gripped and will stay in place allowing the operator to use the same hand to slide the sleeve straight forward to the "on" position.
SV or SVPC Series sockets can also be used as a 3-way valve to turn off the flow of air and exhaust the downstream pressure without disengaging the plug. By turning and sliding the sleeve to the "exhaust" position, downstream air pressure is relieved but the plug remains locked in place.
Foster SV or SVPC Series couplers are the ultimate solution to accidental disconnect hose whip dangers.
 System Under Pressure (both source and Output)
  Output Input
 Remove Pressure From Output -- Acts as a Shut-Off Valve --
  Output Input
Twist grip up & slide back
to release pressure
Vent Holes release pressure to eliminate “Hose Whip”, and make the coupler “Self Cleaning”
Output Input
Output Pressure is Released
 Socket End
Depressurized 1
& Unlocked
Plug can now be inserted 1
or, removed 5
Vent Holes for Pressure Release
Plug is Inserted Into the SV Coupler
2 3
Pressurized & Locked
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Vents Allow Pressure to be Released
 WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and which is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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