Page 250 - ZSi-Foster Engineering Catalog - Electronic Version 2
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Electrical Installation Instructions
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A .... W200 (shown) Raceway Base (pages 34-39)
Also included are Catalog Numbers W210, W300, W500, W210KO, W300KO, and W500KO.
B .... W6500 (shown) Wire Raceway Cover (page 162) Snap-on type (0.040" thick). Cover must be used to close 7⁄8" slot in raceway base to comply with Underwriters Laboratories® approved installation
D .... W6424 (W6426) Fixture Hanger (page 160)
1. Attach hanger from hanger rod using hex nuts (not included) 2. Place wiring in raceway base
3. Install raceway base into pre-hung fixture hanger
4. Lock fixture hanger by snapping the door closed
5. Install wire raceway cover.
F .... W5920 - Wire Raceway End Cap for Channels (W200, W200KO, W210 and W210KO) (page 116)
This end cap designed to fit securely into the end of raceway base.
M.... W6442 (W6443) - Conduit Connector (page 160)
Attach as shown with channel nuts and flat head machine screws included. Install conduit connector using lock nuts and plastic bushing as shown
S .... W2-8WS Channel Nut (page 81) 1⁄2" Channel nut without spring.
T .... W7409 - Hex Head Cap Screw (1⁄2" x 15⁄16") (page 83) For use with W2-8WS.
See maximum number of wires tables on page 248. – Always Consult your local, state and federal electrical code for all installations

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