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Electrical Installation Instructions
These installations instructions cover strut-type channel raceway and fittings for use only in dry locations, and in accordance with Article 352 of the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70
A .... W200 (shown) Raceway Base (pages 34-39)
Also included are Catalog Numbers W210, W300, W500, W210KO, W300KO, and W500KO.
B .... W6500 (shown) Wire Raceway Cover (page 162) Snap-on type (0.04" thick). Cover must be used to close 7⁄8" slot in raceway base to comply with Underwriters Laboratories® approved installation
C....W6420 (W6422) Channel Hanger (page 160)
1. Attach hanger from hanger rod using hex nuts (not included) 2. Place wiring in raceway base
3. Install raceway base into pre-hung fixture hanger
4. Lock fixture hanger by snapping the door closed
5. Install wire raceway cover
N....W6440 - Four Hole Tapped Raceway Plat for Flush Mounting. (page 161)
Install as illustrated using 1⁄4" x 5⁄8" flat head machine screws included.
O.... W6439 - Standard Raceway Stud Plate (page 161)
For use with four hole raceway splice fitting (W6432 - W6435). Install with 1⁄4" KEP nuts supplied.
P .... W6432, W6433, W6435 - Four Hole Raceway Splice Fitting. (page 161)
Use with either standard Raceway stud plate W6439 or retainers as required to provide adequate support; no greater than 1⁄8" on center
Q....W6469 - Fiber Wire Retainers. (page 162)
Use retainers as required to provide adequate support; no greater than 1⁄8" on center
R....W6462 - Aluminum Wiring Stud
(11⁄8" (29mm) long 1⁄2"-14 Thread) (page 162)
Fits channel open slot. Install with lock nut and plastic bushing, align and tighten securely.
See maximum number of wires tables on page 248. – Always Consult your local, state and federal electrical code for all installations
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