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 Unless otherwise indicated:
Design & Dimension Information
 The majority of fittings, are designed to engage at the face of continuous slot channel sections, anywhere along this 1-5⁄8" surface. Incorporation of either the "H" (9⁄16" holes, 1-7⁄8" on center) or the "SS" (9⁄16" x 1-1⁄8" - 2" on center short slot) configuration has been considered in the fittings' design, especially in hole spacing and placement.
• Width: 1-5⁄8" (1.625") unless otherwise specified.
• Thickness: 1⁄4" (material utilized is within nominal tolerance range). • Lengths: As specified on drawing(s).
• Hole Dimension: 9⁄16" (unless specified otherwise).
• Hole Placement: 9⁄16" Diameter holes are aligned along a single or single intersecting centerline ( (1.625") wide material (flat stock) dimension.
), which bisects the 1-5⁄8"
• Hole Lead-In/Centering: The 9⁄16" Diameter holes are located in from leading edges (leading edge to hole center) 13⁄16" (0.813"). This lead-in dimension controls subsequent center to center positioning and unless otherwise specified or controlled by a fittings gross dimension along a specific axis, field holes are 1-7⁄8" (1.875") center to center along the material's centerline ( ). Dimension from trailing hole center to trailing edge will also be 13⁄16" (0.813"). (ref drawing: A)
• Bend Design: Design of each individual bend in this wide selection of fittings has been developed to maximize the material's strength while reducing stress at those bend points. This allows for cohesive nesting with the formed edge radiuses of the channel sections. This design detail provides a minimum tolerance envelope to assure a clean accurate fit and ease of assembly into structural strut/fitting elements.
• Flat Fittings: Without any bend from that single plane: For use with channel sections: arranged and co-dependently utilized in a double axis or parallel single axis, single plane situation.
48mm 13⁄16"
9⁄16" 14mm Dia. Typical (Unless Otherwise Noted)
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