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Material Specifications - Special Metals
 Stainless Steel Channel
Wesanco Channels W100, W150, W200, W210, W500, W800, and W900 are available as roll formed sections in stainless steel, conforming to ASTM A 240 Type 304, or ASTM A 240 Type 316.
To order add "ST304" or "ST316" to channel designation. Examples: W500SSST304, W200ST316.
Aluminum Channel
Wesanco Channels W200, W201, and W500 are available as extruded aluminum sections type 6063T6, conforming to ASTM B221. To order add "AL" to channel designation.
Example: W201AL.
Stainless Steel Nuts (Channel Type)
Wesanco Channel Nuts W2-4, W2-6 and W2-8 are available in Type 316 Stainless Steel. - Sintered 316 - “Domestic Nut” ASTM: B783
- Bar Stock 316 - “Import Nut” ASTM: A240
To order add "ST" to nut designation. Example: W2-8ST316
Aluminum Nuts (Channel Type)
Available by special order. Consult factory for details. ASTM B221.
Aluminum Stainless and Copper Plated Pipe Clamps
Wesanco Pipe Clamps are available from stock in Stainless Steel Types 304 and 316 and by special order in Aluminum and Copper Plated. Consult factory for details.
Aluminum Engineering Data
To determine the appropriate beam load capacity for extruded Aluminum Channel Sections, refer to Channel Engineering Data, page 27 thru 77 in this catalog and multiply published values by 40%. To determine the approximate pull out slip load of Wesanco Channel Nuts in extruded Aluminum Channel sections, refer to page 80 in this catalog and multiply the resistance to slip value by 75% and the resistance to pull out value by 50%.
Stainless Steel Engineering Data
The properties of section for stainless steel channels are the same as shown starting on page 27 of this catalog for mild steel channel. Load ratings for stainless steel channel meet or exceed corresponding mild steel ratings published throughout this catalog.

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