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 General Information
Most Wesanco channels are produced in 10 and 20-foot lengths with a length tolerance of plus or minus 1⁄16. Wesanco W600 and W700 are produced in 10 foot lengths only.
Wesanco channels are manufactured by the cold roll forming process which produces cross sections of uniform dimensions within tolerances established by the Metal Framing Manufacturer's Association, Metal Framing Standards Publication No. MFMA-1.
Steel used in the manufacture of Wesanco channels conforms to the ASTM specifications in this catalog.
Design is based on AISI "Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members." Maximum bending stress used in design is 25,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). This is based upon a virgin steel minimum yield stress of 33,000 psi
cold worked to an average yield stress of 42,000 psi.
Welds meet the performance requirements of section 4 of AISI "Specification for the design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members." All multiple sections of two or more single Wesanco channels are resistance spot-welded approximately 2" to 3"
on center.
Channel Nuts
Wesanco fittings are manufactured by cold forming steel in punch press dies and conform to those tolerances listed in section 5.3 of Metal Framing Standards Publication No. MFMA-1.
Steel used for Wesanco fittings is Hot-Rolled Pickled and Oiled strip steel or bar conforming to ASTM A 570 or ASTM A575.
Wesanco fittings having two or more component parts may be arc or resistance welded in accordance with the appropriate American Welding Society Standards.
Finishes Electroplated Zinc or Electro-Galvanized (EG)
This coating is standard for most ZSi-Foster products. Electro- Galvanized products meet ASTM B633 SC1 or SC3, Type
III. Electroplating deposits zinc on the surface of the steel by electrolysis from a bath of zinc salts. The thickness of zinc applied in this method is between 0.2 mils to 0.5 mils [5.1 μm to 12.7 μm].
Mill-Galvanized (Pre-Galvanized) (PG)
ASTM A653 G-90 Pre-galvanized zinc is produced by continuously rolling steel coils or sheets through molten zinc at the mills. The coils are slit to size and fabricated by forming, shearing or punching to produce the finished product. During fabrication cut edges are not generally zinc coated. However, the zinc near the uncoated metal becomes a sacrificial anode to protect the bare areas.
Paint-Green Powder Coating (GR)
A dark green low gloss powder coating is applied and thoroughly baked after steel has been cleaned and phosphatized.
Hot Dip Galvanized After Fabrication (HG)
Wesanco channel and fittings which are hot dip galvanized after fabrication conform to one of the following specifications.
ASTM A 123, ASTM A153 or ASTM A386.
Silva-Guard (SG)
ZSi-Foster Silva-Guard coating is a multi-step process that meets the 1000 hour salt spray test per ASTM B117 and DIN 50021. Silva-Guard coating is WEEE, ELV, and RoHS compliant.
SG Finish is approved for outdoor as well as indoor applications. It is a chrome free duplex coating system that combines an inorganic zinc-rich basecoat with an aluminum-rich organic topcoat.
Special Coatings
Other commercially available finishes can be supplied per specification when required to protect applications.
Wesanco channel nuts are formed or stamped from steel bar stock and is case hardened after all forming and taping operations have been completed. The nuts are coated with zinc to ASTM-B633 "Electrodeposited Coatings of Zinc on Iron and Steel."
Wesanco channel nuts have uniform and American coarse screw threads.
Channel nuts are available both with and without springs. Springs are made from Galvanized spring steel wire.
The bar steel used in manufacture of Wesanco channel nuts conforms to ASTM A575 or ASTM A576.
Weights and Dimensions
All weights given for materials are approximate shipping weights. Weights will vary somewhat due to permissible tolerances and slight variations in material thickness.
We reserve the right to change design specifications or to add or discontinue specific items without notice.
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Materials & Manufacturing Details

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