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 ZBA Z-Bracket
Adjustable Screw Gun Bracket for Wood or Metal Studs
Stud Wall Applications Standard Finish: Pregalvanized (PG)
• Complete adjustability for infinite stud spacings.
• Requires only a screw gun to install. • Pre-punched holes allow easy box or
conduit attachment.
• Stud spacing scale stamped on bracket for
precise preassembly.
• Locking tabs prevent disassembly. • Use with SDTSLP8X1/2 screws,
see page 187. • Material: Steel
• Finish: Pregalvanized
           Part No.
 Stud Centers
 Distance Between Studs
 Box Depth
  11" to 18"
(279mm to 457mm)
  10" to 16-3⁄4"
(254mm to 425mm)
 1-1⁄2" or 2-1⁄8"
(38mm or 54mm)
 16" to 26"
(406mm to 660mm)
 14" to 25-1⁄4"
(356mm to 641mm)
Electrical Box Bracket for Wood or Metal Studs
        • Used to attach 4" and 4-11⁄16" outlet boxes to wood or metal studs.
• Large cutouts provided for conduit and fittings.
• Integral farside support prevents outlet box movement.
• Use with SDTSLP8X1/2 screws, see page 187
• Material: Steel
• Finish: Pregalvanized
                              Part No.
Outlet Boxes
Box Depths
Stud Depths
     4" (102mm) Square, 4-11⁄16" (119mm) Square and Low Voltage Plaster Rings
ZSi-Foster Engineering Catalog
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1-1⁄4", 1-1⁄2", and 2-1⁄8" Deep
(32mm, 38mm, and 54mm)
2-1⁄2", 3-5⁄8"
(64 mm, 92 mm)
     WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and which is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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