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  Electrical Fittings
    Channel Raceways
W200, W210, W300, W500, W200KO, W210KO, W300KO, W500KO, W200SS, W210SS, W300SS, W500SS, W200SL, W210SL, W300SL, W500SL, W200H, W210H, W300H, and W500H
Maximum Number of Wires
Also suitable for the number of wires in table below when installed to support and supply electric discharge type lighting fixtures when raceway wiring is suitable for at least 70°C and clearance between fixture and raceway is at least 1⁄8". In all cases, a snap-in cover is required to complete the raceway enclosure.
Wire Types: R, RH, RU, RW, T, or TW
14 10 10 6
Channel with Knock-Outs
7⁄8" (22mm) Knock-outs are punched on 6" (152mm) centers.
Add "KO" to channel number. Example: W200KO
   Wire Size AWG
  W200, W200KO W210, W210KO
  W300, W300KO
  W500, W500KO
  Electrical Finish Specifications
  Finish Code
    Paint-Green Powder Coating
A dark green low gloss powder coating is applied GR and thoroughly baked after steel has been cleaned
and phosphatized.
Fittings and hardware supplied as "Electro- Galvanized" in accordance with ASTM B 633.
Other commercially available finishes can be
       Mill-Galvanized (Pre-Galvanized)
  Galvanized steel used in the manufacture of Wesanco channel sections conforms to ASTM A 653 GR33 G90. Uncoated edges resulted from slitting, punching and channel cut off are present.
  Hot Dip Galvanized After Fabrication (HDGAF)
   Wesanco channel and fittings which are hot dip galvanized after fabrication conform to one of the following specifications.:
ASTM A 123, ASTM A153, or ASTM A386.
  Electrical Specifications
 ASTM Description
  Hot Rolled Plate
Fitting (Steel)
A 575
A 366 A 366 A 36
Steel, sheet and strip, carbon drawing quality, special killed, hot rolled.
Steel carbon, cold rolled sheet, commercial quality structural steel.
Electroplated EG
Special Coatings
 PL, supplied per specification when required to protect
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