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Gold Electro-Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel
CUSH-A-CLAMP — Channel mounted clamping systems are ideal for multiple line runs, while absorbing shock and vibration, reducing unwanted noise, and preventing galvanic corrosion. Cush-A-Clamp fits any standard 1-5/8" wide channel.
Assembly consisting of steel clamp with locknut and thermoplastic elastomer cushion. All parts are marked for easy identification and packaged for small lot or bulk use. When specified, Cush-A-Clamp assemblies up to 2", are available individually packaged.
The “Living Hinge” allows the cushion to be spread apart for quick, easy installation.
      THE CLAMP — Features a unique shoulder stud which is securely
fastened to one clamp half. Steel clamps for tube sizes up to 1-3⁄8" have
the “Controlled SqueezeTM” design which eliminates over-tightening
and rotation while a nylon-insert nut assures a positive lock. Clamps are
available in steel (with electro-dichromate finish), and stainless steel type
304. (Contact factory for type 316). C
THE CUSHION — Made from a thermoplastic elastomer, it’s built tough to withstand the effects of most oils, chemicals and industrial cleaning compounds, in temperatures from -50°F to 275°F. Interlock edges and channel locator legs ensure that the cushion remains in place.
INSTALLATION — One man, one tool time savings. Retrofits can be added without disassembly. The “Living Hinge” allows the cushion to be spread apart for quick, easy installation on sizes from 1⁄4" through 1-3/4".
Controlled Squeeze Shoulder Bolt
           Loading Values Mounted in Standard 12 Gage Channel
 Torque (in-lbs)
  Pullout (lbs)
  Slip (lbs)
  1 ⁄4" 5 ⁄16" 3 ⁄8"
40 004T008 - 022T026
60 024T028 - 050N056
150 053N050 - 106N114
1,000 100
2,200 200
3,600 600
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Loads are the same for Stainless Steel Clamps (Example 024NS028)
  WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and which is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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